Cankú Lúta (Red Road, Inc.)
Cankú Lúta,  a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Tokalas, is committed to education, service, and preservation of American Indian Culture.


Food Drive News

During May, the American Indian Educational Society in Lehighton, PA conducted a food drive for Indian families in reservation communities. Heading the effort was organization founder Brian Snyder. Cankú Lúta also raised funds with the help of the Lenni Lenape Historical Society and PSEA to rent a U-Haul for delivery of the food out west. Board Chair Ken Cane drove the truck to its destination.

Left to right – Brian Snyder, Ginny Majewski, Ken Cane, Bob Whitehead (PSEA)

Ken Cane was interviewed by local media in Lehighton, PA

Cankú Lúta collects staples – nutritious foods – for people suffering the effects of years of poor quality commodity foods.

Close to 3000 pounds of food were collected.
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