Cankú Lúta (Red Road, Inc.)
Cankú Lúta,  a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Tokalas, is committed to education, service, and preservation of American Indian Culture.


Bloomingfoods, a natural foods cooperative in Bloomington, IN raises funds on an ongoing basis for Cankú Lúta Food Drives. The funds are then used to make bulk purchases of organically grown staple foods, such as, brown rice, beans, unbleached flour, coffee, dried fruit, potatoes and carrots, to distribute to grassroots families in isolated reservation communities. Such wholesome foods are necessary and important to curb the long-term effects of poor quality commodity foods. Co-ordinator of the Indiana Project is Greg Moore. Please call him at (812) 988-2886 to offer your support.
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