Canku Luta


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Enclosed is my tax-deductible donation to support and expand the work of Cankú Lúta in reservation communities:

____ $5  ____  $10  ____ $25  ____ $50  ____ $100  ____ Other

Please apply my donation to the following:

____ As needed by Cankú Lúta

____ Food Drive expenses (food, trucking and/or shipping costs)

____ Dire Need Fund (small grants to families and individuals for emergency needs, such as, food, heating fuel, auto repairs and gas, shelter repairs, etc.)

____ Grassroots Self-Sufficiency Initiatives (funds used to repair donated equipment, such as sewing machines, and for small seed grants to families and individuals wishing to start home businesses)

____ Capital Campaign for Food Bank/Food Cooperative

____ The Buffalo Project


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