Cankú Lúta (Red Road, Inc.)
Cankú Lúta,  a national 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Tokalas, is committed to education, service, and preservation of American Indian Culture.



December Food Drive an Overwhelming Success
Cankú Lúta educates at PSEA Annual Human & Civil Rights Dinner

speech.JPG (16905 bytes)Thanks to our many donors, and especially the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Cankú Lúta was able to deliver over 30 tons of food and other necessities and several thousand dollars for heating fuel and home and car repairs to grassroots people in the communities of Oglala, Green Grass, Red Scaffold, and Bull Head. PSEA members also contributed funds for the purchase of two computers for grassroots initiatives. The PSEA sponsored food drive culminated a four month effort by Bob Whitehead and the PSEA Minority Affairs Committee to draw attention to the offensive use of Indian mascots and logos by sports teams and schools. In addition, PSEA spearheaded an effort to educate teachers about fallacies in history books regarding American Indian nations and about speech2.JPG (22172 bytes)current conditions in reservation communities. Cankú Lúta set up a booth with other education exhibitors at the Pittsburgh Hilton and Chairperson Ken Cane was the keynote speaker at the PSEA Annual Human & Civil Rights Award Dinner on December 10, 1998.

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