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Breaking News About the Grass Roots Oyate Occupation in Pine Ridge, SD.

January 16, 2001 marks the one year anniversary of the occupation by the Grass Roots Oyate in Pine Ridge.

Updated January 25, 2000

JANUARY 18, 2001


True colors shown amongst Grass Roots Oyate towards the cause!

On January 16, 2001; the anniversary of the peaceful take-over of the former Red Cloud Building, a group of the Grass Roots General Council leave to meet with the newly elected Tribal President, John Yellow Bird/Steele at Billy Mills Hall concerning the building. Upon their arrival, on KILI radio was former media coordinator for the Grass Roots Oyate, Dale Looks Twice, now a highly paid Tribal employee with others like him speaking against the Grass Roots General Council.

As the insolence continues towards the Grass Roots General Council, they respectfully walk out of the meeting while the group of original seven whom Dale refers to, act with total vengeance towards the Oyate as they now fitfully graze with IRA Government officials. This is another classic example to the Oyate who listened to KILI that nothing has changed with the new IRA election except the names and faces.

As the Grass Roots General Council enter the former Tribal Chambers where the alter holds the sacred Cannupa used earlier to pray with for courage, many sit silent and numb from what had just been witnessed. As many of those sit and contemplate on what had just happened and what to do next, one thing was clear to the Grass Roots General Council, that there cannot be any negotiations with the newly elected IRA officials.

Another thing was also clear to the Grass Roots General Council, that those former supporters of the Grass Roots Movement who now sit as paid Tribal employees shall be treated as such. Names like Dale Looks Twice, Eileen Janis, Floyd and Natalie Hand, Oliver Red Cloud have now been stricken from any further connection or media contact to the GRASS ROOTS OGLALA LAKOTA OYATE!



January 18, 2001


Oyate Headquarters - Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

At a scheduled meeting between the Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate and General Council and the IRA tribal council, shrewd attempts by several former supporters of the Grass Roots Movement were made to return the tribal administration building back to the newly elected tribal council. Members of the Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate General Council suppressed the attempt by returning to the former Red Cloud Building. In spite of false statements made by Dale Looks Twice over KILI radio of assault rifles in the building, Grass Roots Oyate remember not to long ago when he was using the same intimidation tactics with the last tribal administration officials.

Former members of the Grass Roots Oyate, who we have observed to have no respect for themselves let alone the Sacred Canunpa, genuinely hurt elders. Mrs. Marie Randall stated, "We went to pray with them and talk and we get treated as though this past year being here, holding the building, and praying was nothing! Our hearts and feelings were hurt. We returned here and had a Pipe Ceremony just for what happened at the Billy Mills Hall."

The Grass Roots General Council will continue to stand on their Sovereign rights under the original 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty; to use the building as an Embassy for all bands of the Tetuwan Nations in their plight to be heard within the World Court level. It is obvious to many that we can no longer wait for the change in the IRA system and that we must move forward, together, now.

Former Grass Roots Oyate members Floyd and Natalie Hand, Oliver Red Cloud, Dale (including his so-called "original seven") who were involved with the take-over, as of now have been officially warranted as of having no affiliation to the GRASS ROOTS OGLALA LAKOTA OYATE! (For names of those original seven, you may contact Dale.)

The Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate will continue to move forward with their goal of establishing the Embassy of the Tetuwan Nation; input from the other bands in this endeavor will be appreciated. The building will be re-named and a dedication ceremony will be held at a future date to be announced for all to attend.

We thank everyone for their continued support. For further information, please contact Wallace Little, Jr. or any Tokala at 605-867-5821. Email address is: and icq # is 75999256; email and icq are checked daily.


Treaty Elders of the Lakota Nation Plan Trip to Washington, D.C.

Elders of the Lakota Nation will soon travel to Washington, D.C. to stand up for Treaty Rights and prepare for a seat in the United Nations. They are making a head way for the children and their future. The trip from South Dakota to D.C. will be a long one, especially for the women and men who are handicapped. Canku Luta is helping to raise funds to house, feed, and make the elders comfortable on the journey.

The best estimate to date for transportation is $8,862 for a 55-passenger bus, not including the accommodations of the driver. We anticipate needing 2 buses for 100 elderly persons. We are looking for the support of peace and justice organizations across the nation and around the world for this effort. Please let us know how you can help. Email us at

Canku Luta
Red Road, Inc.
P.O. Box 1032
Madison, IN  47250

Because of the Lakotas' humbleness, you will be held in solidarity with their prayers in protecting the Lakotas as a sovereign nation under the Seven Principles of International Law.

Mitakuye Oyasin.


Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate

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Press Release - October 18, 2000

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - South Dakota. Today marks the 277th day of the peaceful takeover of the Red Cloud Building.

The Grass Roots Oyate and Tokalas are still strong mentally, physically, and more importantly, spiritually - even through all the personal attacks they have endured since January 16th, 2000 and in addition to having to put up with threats of eviction. The Tokalas say of the opposition, "How can you fight the power of the Creator and expect to win?"

The on-going federal investigation is still in the process and more indictments are expected. All the OST Committee and Tribal Council minutes from 1995 to the present have been turned over to the FBI from the Red Cloud Building - to uncover more corruption. (Every tribe in Indian country needs to get rid of all their crooks, jail them and then ban them.)

While the Oglala Sioux Tribe is continuing with tribal council elections, the Grass Roots Oyate still maintain the traditional government they truly are. They do not recognize the colonialism or the election process that the misled tend to follow.

The Oglala Lakota General Council is demanding the federal government to investigate all the bands within the Great Sioux Nation (Tetuwan Nation) for corruption. Every IRA government is so corrupt the Oyate need to immediately relinquish themselves before we are terminated as tribes. Other tribes in the so-called U.S. of A. should consider this move also. We elders feel that to continue with and under the IRA form of government will only place our children's future in jeopardy. We are members of the Red Race that Wakan Tanka placed here in this part of the world and we will always be that Red Race of people that the Great Spirit created. Oyate, be proud of who you are. You are a beautiful people that lived the life of what the good book called "heaven on earth". That's the way it was before Christopher Columbus touched the eastern shores of this part of the world. We have a task before us: the rebuilding of our traditional government, the un-brainwashing of ourselves, the uncovering of our roots.

As the mud slinging is continuing with the Lakota bands, the IRA government is forgetting the Indian Trust responsibility, the Black Hills Claim, the Mni (water) rights, and most importantly, our children. It has always been the federal government's position to terminate Indian tribes by the divide and conquer tactics. To date, IRA governments have been enhancing this process of termination.

We need to unite our nation as sovereign through enforcement of our treaties and our people's desire under natural law to follow our own way of life, our own culture and our own GOVERNMENT. We are a treaty tribe. As far as the Oyate are concerned, there are some of us who have relatives in other Lakota Bands and/or living on other reservations; we need to strengthen our Tiospayes and keep each other informed of our current situation. Sharing information and supporting each other will strengthen our nation.

The Grass Roots Oyate will continue to occupy the Tetuwan Oyate - Oglala Band headquarters and have no intentions of vacating what belongs to the Grass Roots Oyate. We will continue to be here even through the next incoming administration.

The General Council is asking all Oglala Lakota landowners to immediately relinquish their leases and start utilizing your lands. The Tokalas say that without use of the land by the landowners, we cannot state that we are truly sovereign!

For more information on the Grass Roots Oyate, please contact Media Coordinator Dale Looks Twice at 605-867-5821.

Ho - Hecetu yelo.



Press Release: September 19, 2000

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On Wednesday - September 13th, the General Council made the decision to rename the building: "Tetuwan Nation Embassy" ~~ and to invite the other six bands of the Tetuwan Nation to set up an office within our/your building.

This action is the result of acquiring a seat in the United Nations as the Sovereign Nation we are. To our relatives from here and from the other bands ~~ we encourage you to get active, get involved. Much information needs to be shared with and disseminated to our Oyate. Everyone will have a better understanding and in this way, we can all work together as one to achieve our many goals_one of which is to establish a traditional form of government that will benefit all of the Oyate ~~ whether you're from the Sicangu, Mniconjou, Oglala or any of our other sister bands.

The Grass Roots Oglala Lakota General Council remains strong and is adamant about keeping the building for the purpose stated herein. They will continue to meet weekly and they encourage all Grass Roots Oyate ~~ on each respective reservation ~~ to do the same. United, we have a stronger voice! Wan-eya, o-un-kiya po!

A member of the Tokalas says: Independent Oglala Nation. As you all know, there was an occupation that took place in a tiny hamlet called Wounded Knee. At that time, there was a commitment made; some of our tribal members took a vow or oath to become or be sovereign.

It was a commitment I myself took to heart and believed others would do the same. The commitment was to be free and independent of the government finances. As time went on, you can see who was committed and who isn't or wasn't.

And going along that line of thought, it comes to this. There's a lot of people that are caught up in the present I.R.A. system of government funding and being caught in the belly of the beast (the banks, credit unions, churches, etc.). And this goes back to the saying, "A dog won't bite the hand that feeds it" -- V.A.; SSI/SSA; BIA; I.H.S.; -- you're all in it.

So let's be sovereign and withdraw from the current greedy and self-centered wasicu rules and regulations. Let's stay with our natural law. Remember, you came here with nothing and you will leave with nothing. Ni wicab huntun. Pila maya pelo.

Approximately ten days ago the long distance lines were turned off at the building, due to non-payment of the bill. The Elders question that, as we are all Tribal Members. The General Council is to meet with the BIA Agent to see what can be done.

Also, the General Council plans to ask the FBI to investigate all other bands within the Tetuwan Nation, for acts of corruption, misuse of funds, etc.

As always, if you have any questions, please call 605/867 5821. Mitakuye Oyasin.

September 2000

The Grass Roots Oyate and General Council remains strong on their stand as sovereign based on our status as treaty Indians (Oyate). The Grass Roots Oyate membership consists of landholders. We do not recognize the present IRA council due to proven theft of tribal monies. The Grass Roots Oyate do not recognize the IRA government as our government. Any/all actions being taken by the present IRA tribal government are considered illegal.

The Black Hills are not for sale. We will continue to refuse the 1980 U.S. Supreme Court Settlement. The United States Congress does not possess any colonial powers to abrogate "the supreme law of the land," the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty between the Teton Nation and the United States of America. No western colonial law can force the indigenous people representing the Oglala Band to accept the monies and not the land. Oyate, consider the Sacred Pipe. It means the power of Wakan Tanka is with us; when you think of money in exchange for the H'e Sapa, that power may no longer be there. Don't be foolish; money is only paper. This doesn't pertain just to the Oglalas, but to the entire Lakota Nation as well as the other tribes included in the 1868 Treaty and our relatives in Canada.

Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be happy that our generation never has, never will and never shall accept the illegal monetary settlement for the blue coats or long knife society. We will never sell our Grandmother Earth. We will keep her for the benefit of our future generations. Would you sell your mother or your church?

As caretakers of Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth), we need to educate the public on the causes of global warming. We need to emphasize the need to exercise our sovereignty by growing hemp for paper, other products to replenish the air. An agrarian society must rotate their crops (corn and alfalfa) annually with hemp. If you do not take care of the soil or let it replenish itself, it turns to dust with no nutritional value and you will have no crops. Hemp will save the trees. That is the main reason for our taking up growing it. We wish to stop\op the lumber mills from destroying the forests.

Presently, Mother Earth and all our relations are in a world of trouble due to the capitalists who have no regard for our Mother Earth. We urge the taxpayer to think of directing their tax dollars to the National Audubon Society and Sierra Clubs. We, in turn, propose to the two groups to support us in our fight to get U.S. Congress to fulfill our 1868 Treaty Land Claim, which amounts to 64 plus million acres. We want every square inch of that claim returned to us. The day that was agreed to and signed, Wakan Tanka was there and Wakan Tanka is still here!

H'e Sapa ki wiyop'e unkiya pi kta ani yelo! All Lakotas first should remember that the Sacred H'e Sapas are not for sale! We cannot and shall not let just a few speak for us nor will we allow anyone to disperse our Lakota beliefs that monetary just compensation is right for the Sacred H'e Sapa. ---- NO! NO! NO!

We cannot and will not sell our Mother under any circumstances! It is not in our way to sell something that does not belong to us! Mother Earth was given to the two-legs, the four-legs, the winged ones, the water life. Mother Earth is here for all to live in harmony and to respect all things in life traditionally and spiritually!

The H'e Sapas are not for sale!! We shall and will fight this matter-whatever deems necessary. ALL Lakota people must stand together against the U.S. Government, IRA Council and all outside forces purging this atrocious claim that gave up our rightful ownership of the H'e Sapas. We, as Lakotas, will forever stand by, fight for tan live by our true belief that the H'e Sapas belong to the Lakota and all our relatives.

The H'e Sapas are not for sale!!

Our Uncis and Kakalas - not only on the Pine Ridge, but everywhere our relatives are - stand strong with us!! Remember your children, their children and grandchildren and think of their futures. This is the opportunity to realize your dreams and to rebuild our nation. Much work needs to be done and we need everyone's input. All support - in whatever form - is appreciated. Wopila tanka heca.

The Grass Roots Oyate and General Council meet regularly each Wednesday at 1:00 pm in the Oyate's council's chambers, Oyate Building. Everyone is welcome to attend - come voice your concerns, your opinions, ask questions, etc. If you have any questions, please call 605-867-5821 and your call will be directed appropriately.

---- > Mitakuye Oyasin < ----



Friday - August 25th, 2000 - Pine Ridge, SD. Today marks the 222nd day of the peaceful monitoring of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Administrative Building. The continuous struggle for accountability and the relinquishment of the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) are the foremost priority of the Oglala Lakota Grass Roots Oyate.

Today, the local media flashed bold headlines of the federal arrests of nine Oglala Sioux Tribal members. Three of the nine arrested were Oglala Sioux Tribal Council representatives.

These federal arrests are the result of the massive investigation that is ongoing on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. More federal arrests are expected as the federal grand jury meets with the many federal entities involved.

Arrested were ex-Oglala Sioux Tribal chairman and CEO of the Oglala Sioux (Lakota) Housing Authority, Paul Iron Cloud; Oglala Sioux Tribal Council representatives Marlin "Moon" Weston and his wife/Evelyn; Gerald "Jump" Big Crow and his wife/Elizabeth "Jackie"; Manuel Fool Head and his wife/Sandy; Oglala Sioux (Lakota) Housing employee, Ted Pedregon and his wife/Ramona.

As a result of these arrests and the corruption surfacing, two of the candidates running for public office under the present IRA system have taken credit for the federal arrests and the peaceful monitoring of the Oyate Building.

  • Suspended Oglala Sioux Tribal President, through local media, is quoted as saying he feels "vindicated" and stating, "I've been trying to cleanse the financial management history for many, many years." The reality of the matter is Harold Salway dishonored his people by allowing this havoc during the Salway-Between Lodges administration. Salway also stated he was aligned with the Grass Roots Oyate. The Grass Roots Oyate do not recognize nor do they support any 'IRA' official, especially Salway.

  • On the other hand, Floyd Hand (who is a self-proclaimed medicine man and spiritual advisor) also took credit for the federal arrests and occupation of the Oyate building. After making a commitment under the Sacred Canunpa (Pipe) stating he will never ever run for public office, he has taken a petition to be a candidate for Vice-President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (another hypocrite). Floyd Hand is for Floyd Hand, not the people who he falsely states he represents (another forked tongue).

Many of the Grass Roots Oyate and supporters feel because of the current financial crisis, that those indicted in federal court should be immediately suspended from their public office or resign and relocate off the reservation. The Grass Roots Oyate feel that those indicted and convicted should not hold any position or employment with the Lakota Nation.

We, the Grass Roots Oyate, will continue to peacefully monitor the Oglala Sioux Tribe Administrative offices until Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs and the OST Council representatives are well on their way to the jail house rock and until our people are assured that an honest form of government will replace the IRA system that put us where we are today.

We, the Grass Roots Oyate, are strong spiritually and mentally; we will not allow corruption in any form. There are many Grass Roots Oyate who should be recognized and given credit where credit is due. We thank our brothers and sisters and our Uncis and KaKalas for their support with prayers, donations, food and participating in our struggles. We thank our brothers and sisters of the Great Lakota Nation, our brothers and sisters across Indian Country, our national and international supporters and supporters from all walks of life. Without you, justice would not have prevailed.

The Grass Roots Oyate are setting up a press conference on August 30th, 2000 to answer any questions. For more information, please contact Dale Looks Twice, Media Coordinator for the Grass Roots Oyate, at 605-867-5821.

PO Box 51, Pine Ridge, SD  57770
Tele 605/867 5821. FAX 605/867 5274.


August 8, 2000
Red Cloud Building, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D.:

The peaceful monitoring of the Red Cloud Building in Pine Ridge has now reached 213 days. No negotiations are foreseen and the Grass Roots Oyate still maintain their sovereignty.

The Oglala Band, Tetuwan Oyate General Council met and revitalized themselves from the oppression they endured during the occupation. They vowed under the sacred pipe to proceed vigorously with the nine- (9) demands and take formulation of another Government. The General Council feels we need to relinquish ourselves from the destructive IRA Indian Reorganization Act form of Government.

It has been revealed to the Grass Roots Oyate that corruption on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation started from the Secretary of Interior Office in Washington D.C. This corruption is throughout Indian Country. There is a Chuck Jacobs on every Reservation to cause HAVOC on Indian Reservations to terminate sovereign Nations. Mr. Jacobs almost succeeded, but was exposed on January 16, 2000 when peaceful monitoring began. We the Grass Roots Oyate are calling for Unity. We need to forget the enemy with their own weapons to be victorious. We the Grass Roots Oyate will not vacate Red Cloud Building until such time the demands are met and a different Government under the sacred pipe emerges.

For more information, please call Dale Looks Twice, Grass Roots Oyate Media Coordinator, at 605-867-5821 or 867-5303. Mitakuye Oyasin.


August 5, 2000
Red Cloud Building, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, S.D.:

The peaceful monitoring of the Red Cloud Building in Pine Ridge has now reached 202 days. No negotiations are foreseen and the Grass Roots Oyate still maintain their sovereignty.

The devious corrupt Oglala Sioux Tribal Council and their followers have made many threats to physically remove the peaceful monitors; to date, they have been unsuccessful. The latest attempt was on July 17th, 2000 when the corrupt OST Council passes a resolution to remove the monitors within then (10) days of the date the resolution was passed. The OST Council did once again direct the BIA/OST Department of Public Safety to storm the Red Cloud Building and remove the Oyate, but the Department of Public Safety ignored the OST Council action.

From January 16th, 2000 to the present, the peaceful monitoring did uncover the corruption within tribal government - corruption now and since the inception of the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act. This corruption is not only here on the Pine Ridge Reservation, but throughout Indian country under the trust responsibility of an organization established to oversee tribal government - the Department of Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs.

After the completion of the OST General Fund and Indirect Cost audits, it is reveled that this once great Lakota Nation is down on its knees financially. However, we remain standing strong on our spirituality and on our status as a sovereign nation.

Currently, the Grass Roots Oyate are moving toward a change that will be beneficial to the Oyate rather than to/for the election officials. There is a positive move to relinquish us as a sovereign nation from the IRA form of government - to return to our traditional laws and to the values our ancestors once lived by.

We, the Grass Roots Oyate, will not vacate the Red Cloud Building under any circumstance until our demands are met and a different form of government is in place. A message from the Tokalas: No Negotiations-No Compromise-No Secret Deals! Hecetu yelo!

For more information, please call Dale Looks Twice, Grass Roots Oyate Media Coordinator, at 605-867-5821 or 867-5303. Mitakuye Oyasin.



  1. Immediate removal of OST councilmen, abolishment of IRS (1934).

  2. Immediate referendum to abolish IRA government.

  3. All land, water and mineral resources are treaty rights.

  4. Article VI of U.S. Constitution states that treaties are the supreme law of the land. IRA governments which uphold the U.S. Constitution must adhere to this article. All Lakota must adhere to the sacred canupa which has been raised by the Oyate.

  5. Continued lockdown until Traditional Government is in place.

  6. All original 9 demands must be met.


January 31, 2000

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